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Hey there!

I'm Ukrainian fine art photographer Maryna Khomenko. 

For 10 years now I have been doing my favorite job - creating fairytale worlds around my characters with the help of art photography and photo montage.


A few facts about me:


- I regularly participate in exhibitions, Paris, Milan, Arles, Kiev and Linz have already seen my work

- Prizes and short lists in photo awards

- Publications in magazines and even in the official Instagram of Photoshop

- I conducted a daily self portrait challenge a year long: I took 365 photos, upgraded my retouching level and can tell you how to pose and take a picture of yourself in any conditions using the remote control and a tripod

- Filmed several short films as a director of photography

- Developed posters for Ukrainian films: Inshiy Franko, Reflectorium

I usually go all the way from an idea to implementation  by myself, but I will also gladly work with your ideas, because two heads are better than one :)

Come with me to a fantasy world!


Personal fairytale photoshooting

in Ukraine and over Europe

What kind of world would you create for yourself if you were a Creator? Whom would you become in it? The most daring ideas live in our imagination, which no one can even guess about. Do you want to tranform them into reality? A fantasy atmosphere and the most surreal ideas can become real in your pictures.

What we do:

- cooperating with the best costume designers
- finding or creating unique props
- picking the perfect location
- emphasizing your look with professional makeup
- adding some magic with post processing

And welcome to your own fantasy world!

Hurry up and book the shooting!

Any business needs advertising and the more noticeable and unusual it is, the better it will be remembered and make the client interested. Remember Japanese ads? :)

Don't be afraid to present your product in a new light and hook on a new target audience.

Let's create a new world that will revolve around your product, like around the sun!

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Thank you