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Personal artwork

Let's create your world together.

  • 1 год
  • 250 євро
  • Location 1

Опис послуги

Do you have dreams in which you want to stay? Do you dream of fantastic worlds? Let's bring them to life together in a picture created especially for you! How it works: - Tell me about the world of your dreams, who are you in it: a warrior mistress or a gentle princess, a dark witch or a forest nymph, a stern Viking or an aristocratic vampire? - what location do you want, what mood (dark forest, stormy sea, scorching desert, and maybe the royal palace or ancient ruins? You can "get" anywhere!) - I will choose the best costume for your image. - we take your portrait in the studio. There are many advantages: you don't have to worry about the location, go far, arrange filming in museums and other indoor spaces, or freeze outside in the winter for the sake of beautiful shots. We shoot you in the comfortable conditions of the studio, so that it was as easy as possible for you to play your part and then the location itself will "come"in the frame to you :) I use only my own art materials, which I shot myself while traveling, and I have a lot of them, all kinds. We can create any landscape around you, even Tolkien's Middle-earth, even another planet! You will receive one perfect art and all the best photos from the studio in a large format. I don't use one background twice, so your art will be unique!

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